Department of Dermatology and Venerology

Today our skin is exposed more than ever to irritating environmental influences. Frequent consequences are premature skin aging, allergies and skin cancer. These skin diseases can be promptly diagnosed thanks to the most modern research methods and can therefore nearly always be healed. We have new, internationally recognized treatment procedures available.

Prevention, however, is better than healing! Therefore, we pay special attention to explain preventive measures and proper skin care. We have qualified medical personnel and high-quality medical equipment for the treatment of the entire spectrum of the skin diseases.

EMCO Dermatology Associates is a highly effective group of caring physicians, nurses and administrative personnel. With modern technology, the EMCO medical team can ensure that the patients' care and treatment needs can be met. The department is equipped with:

  • Modern labs for haematology, chemistry, bacteriology, mycology, immunology and allergy
  • Computer assisted technology for non-invasive diagnosis of skin tumours
  • Duplex sonography for visualising vessel abnormalities
  • Digital quantitative plethysmography for the assessment of vessel function
  • Surgical laser and laser for cosmetic procedures
  • IPL (Intensive Pulsed Light) device for cosmetic dermatology
  • Phototherapy and Photochemotherapy (PUVA) unit

Skin Care
For the first time in Austria as early as 1996 under promotion by European Union, the modern method of computerized video image skin diagnostics, the digital epiluminescence microscopy, became available at the university clinic in Vienna and at the EMCO Skin Care Centre.
The digital skin microscopy is completely pain-free and is used for the diagnosis of pigmented moles and the earliest possible diagnosis of skin cancer.

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