Practical Tips

Money and valuable objects
We advise not to leave objects of high value in your room. We offer the possibility to either deposit valuable objects or money in the safe in your room or in our safe at the reception, to be collected when needed. (Monday to Friday: 7:30 am to 7:00 pm)

Room Equipment
The EMCO Private Hospital offers patients single or twin rooms. Each room is equipped with a bathroom and toilet. Additional standard equipment in our patient rooms are a telephone, Internet and Satellite TV.
On request, we can offer our patients mobile offices with a laptop, printer and fax machine. To ensure our patients' comfort, the hospital can offer a private secretary at the patient’s disposal.

To make a local, national or international call, please first you should dial “0”
To make a call within the hospital:

  • Reception: 520
  • Ward room 1st floor: 310
  • Ward room 2nd floor: 320
  • Patient's café: 560

Emco Privatklinik Reception